madison house neighborhood

Historic Dupont Circle,

DC’s Finest Neighborhood

Situated on a quiet corner just steps away from DC’s iconic Dupont Circle and its vibrant attractions, Madison House is ideally situated in the heart of the city – and quite literally surrounded by shops, museums, cafes, nightlife, parks and bike trails, all within easy walking distance.


Dupont Circle is the name given to the neighborhood around the traffic circle. Until the Civil War, this was a rural area with unpaved streets. After the end of the war the area started to develop rapidly and it soon became one of the most fashionable places to live in the country. The wealthy built large, palatial mansions and at the start of the twentieth century it rivaled New York’s Fifth Avenue as the place to live for the nouveau riche. 


Madison House tips its hat architecturally to these historic roots while imbuing the building with a modern sensibility for today’s sophisticated urban dweller. It’s this combination that makes for such alluring living in this justly famous neighborhood.

1772 Church Street NW, Washington DC 20036

Telephone 202 975 0228

A CAS Riegler Development